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3D Electronic Lab Notebook

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Allow 3D protein-ligand structure data, generated by experiment (x-ray and NMR), homology modelling and docking, to be retained and disseminated internally.

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Electronic Lab Notebooks are increasingly popular. Chemistry ELNs have led the way and biology ELNs have followed. But no individual system can do everything well

Our Offering

Our popular web-based system can be linked to and from an Electronic Lab Notebook used by your company.

The same software engine that underpins the world’s popular PDBsum site can now power your in-house system. All you need is a set of in-house coordinate files in PDB format to run through our PDBsumProprietary software suite.

Very quickly you have a set of easy to view web pages for each entry with valuable interpretations of the salient points.

We think of this as a 3D-Electronic Lab Notebook or 3D-ELN as it is clearly complementary to other efforts to bring together chemistry and biology in an accessible format.